Thursday, November 19, 2009


It takes many failures to find the right one, so they say...
I guess that is why they call it the "Right" one.
we go through life thinking that falling in love is the best thing
that could ever happen to us, but do we ever wonder how many heartbreak
one can experience to finally find the right one?

what does it take for someone to really capture your heart? is it really a matter of just personality?compatibility? physical features? I'm sure all of these things contribute to what we look for in finding the right one? y/n

these are just some of the questions that comes to mind when I see some of my friend's fall in love
or go through a heartbreak. Indirect experience of a heartbreak is by no means in the same level of someone who has actually experience it themselves, but it sure can effect you in some way if not another.

looking at them dealing with the whole situation is heartbreaking even after the matter has been put to the past. Loathing someone who you once loved is just one of the hardest thing a person can experience, but learning to forgive them is a gift from god that enables you to grow and learn from that mistake.

No matter how hard it is, at the end of the day, you will realize that the only way to finally be at peace, is to learn how to Forgive and move on.

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