Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the obvious.

Sometimes you wonder why you holds on to the little things,
even when it's complicated, you choose to stray away from him and ignore the obvious.
you sing & declare to live in him, but in the end doing the opposite.
you come to realize in the end you're still hurting,
not feeling any better than before, repeating the same thing all over again...
then you wonder why haven't anything change? why do you feel like you're always stuck in a rut.
then you cry out to him, asking why is this happening to you? what did you do to possibly deserve this
type of punishment?!? ...God is never punishing you, he is clearly showing you that you have ignore all his signs of love towards you, choosing to be in denial, not trusting in his words. God is always with you, he's always in your heart, but he gives you a choice to seek him, because he will only come to those who seek in him. God is always there, present inside your heart.

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